Underfloor heating systems

Many of our customers are choosing to have underfloor heating as part of their build. Ash Island are happy to give their advice on what options are available to them.

There are two types of underfloor heating, Electricity heated – known as a dry system and Water heated – known as a wet system. Both options can be placed under stone, tiles, wood and even carpet.

The dry system is cheaper to install, as it is quicker and less complex. The system is based on a series of wires that are installed. The system is thinner and therefore takes up less space. However it is more expensive to run than a water based system, so is usually recommended for a small area only.

The wet system is a series of pipes which are connected to either your boiler or a solar water heating system. The wet system is more expensive to install  as it is more complex to fit but is cheaper to run long term.

Having underfloor heating can provide the luxury of warm stone or tile floors and in some cases can replace radiators in a room, which in turn frees up wall space giving a cleaner look.

It is possible to floor heating retrospectively but whilst you are in the process of extending your property it is practical to make the most of that opportunity for minimal disruption.

At Ash Island we want to make the most of your build, so contact us on 0208 1665145 and we can start planning your dream home.



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