Our green policy

You can count on us to do our bit to keep it Green, at no extra cost to you or the environment.

At Ash Island we believe that all good businesses must be environmentally aware. That’s why we’re committed to finding ways to minimize impact on the environment through our building practices, along with using sustainable products and materials where possible. We think Green in our day-to-day practices, from the paper we use in our office to our principles on recycling and reusing materials on site. For example Freecycle.com is a great resource that we use to offer up your unwanted but useable items, such as an old kitchen to a new home, rather than heading for landfill. We employ recycling services wherever possible to collect and recycle all our building waste and we use sustainable timber in all aspects of construction. And most of our team cycle to work!

We’re also very open to talk to you about energy efficient building practices and specialist products and materials that can be used in your project.

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